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Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History Book Maps The Evolution Of Iconic LV Bags

Louis Vuitton’s bags are not limited for flaunting the user’s style statement as well as bank balance. The iconic bags have played a vital role to help study history in scientific style. Louis Vuitton City Bags: A Natural History is not just a book but a first comprehensive taxonomy of the most desired label’s City Bags.

Akin to an encyclopedia, this volume unfolds a unique detailed history of the most coveted and sought after bags by trendsetters and divas. At the heart of Louis Vuitton are its City Bags, a range of women’s bags that dates back to the turn of the twentieth century. 

Keepall, Bucket, Papillon, Alma, Lockit, Noe, Speedy and others are all commonly categorized as the City Bags. The collectible book has been carefully curated for readers to understand the evolution of each LV bag. 

The development is listed in a genealogical style along with visually appealing illustrations that comprise of new and archival photography, historical graphics, landmark editorials, and ad campaigns. The tome is an out-of-the-world edition launched to woo intellectuals of the world of fashion who are eager to study the deep history of LV bags. Over the decades, the creations have formally diversified into an array of handbags designed to cater to the modern times.


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Yes, you are right. Louis Vuitton is your favorite hand bag. So you should treat it well. That's the hardest thing about vuittons is keeping them clean before they oxidize. Even though, there are still some ways to deal with it.

Firstly, you can use saddle soap for cleaning leather on bags thats already used and shiningmonkey to protect. Use the products and follow all the instructions.

Secondly, don't use Appleguard cleaner on the vachetta. You can use the conditioner on the vachetta,though. Murph has some good tips as well. Shiningmonkey has been used by a lot of LV lovers with great results.

Thirdly, baby wipes are great for bags esp. Lv. I would say if you are really concerned and nothing works take it to lv they will clean your bag nicely and professionally. They may charge you sometimes they do sometimes they don't.

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I once remembered the time when Louis Vuitton introduced its Fall 2009 Men RTW runway show, various of my male friends are excited toward the Louis Vuitton handbags specially for men. Now, I got something about them in detail including their names and prices.

Actually, the Monogram Macassar is surprisingly the first permanent Monogram line dedicated to men. Of course, the monogram pattern has clearly grabbed most women heart, while here it turn to men. Louis Vuitton never let its male customers down. The new line is inspired by the hazel-brown and black striped Macassar Ebony Wood, a type of exotic wood utilized in luxury furnishings. The monogram canvas is paired with black matte leather and shiny palladium hardware all of which is dinstinctly Vuitton. There are 9 models including handbags, messengers, totes, and keepall. Each piece from the line features a shiny palladium hardware, with a burgundy canvas lining, bringing out the masculine side of the Monogram canvas, and evoking a sense of timelessness and elegance.

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