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The Sanctuary


The Holy Table with its fine carving is obviously the work of a craftsman who loved what he was creating. This table, together with the oak panelling which "cradles" it and the jewel cast window behind it, were the gifts of the Greer family of Seapark. Twelve well known Scripture texts have been incorporated into the window.

The other two windows in the Sanctuary represent the feeding of the five thousand with the loaves and fishes, and the Cardinal Christian Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.

The fine encaustic tiling in the Sanctuary, the heavy brass rail and the gas standards (now adapted for electricity) were given by the late William Higgin, Esq., of 'Rosganna.'

The Bishop's Pastoral Staff in the north side of the Sanctuary was that used by the late John Frederick MacNeice, Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore. Bishop MacNeice was Rector of Carrickfergus from 1908-193 1. The Staff was made from bog oak by Mr. T. McGregor Greer. After the Bishop's death Mrs. MacNeice presented the Staff to Saint Nicholas' Church. For the Sacrament of the Holy Communion the old silver was augmented by the gift of a new silver paten and chalice by the Milner family. They are beautiful specimens of the craftman's art and were made by the Artificers' Guild in London.


St Nicholas Sketch