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The Crossing


The carving on the Pulpit, Prayer Desk and Lectern has been much admired. It will be noted that it matches the fine carving on the front of the Donegall aisle. The latter is the oldest wood carving in the Church, being Jacobean (the 1614 reconstruction). In it will be seen the semi-circular arches which point back to the Norman origin of the Church.

This motif has been retained in the more recent pulpit (1891), and Prayer Desk (1894, which were the gifts of the Johns family. The Lectern was the gift of the late Edwin Darley Hill, Esq.

In passing you will see that the Font is badly cracked. This is reported to have been due to the French invasion in 1760. It seems that the French were not content to take the Church plate, they also pushed over the Font and broke it.




St Nicholas Sketch