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I’ve noticed more rainbows in the past month than I have in ages.  One of our congregation put a photograph of one on Facebook and it matched the ones I’d seen - broad and more vivid than any others I remember.The colours clear through the whole spectrum.
Christians know what rainbows are all about.  Oh yes, we understand that it has to do with the refraction of light through water, like those triangular prisms our science teachers had at school.Physics (at which I did not excel) can tell us about the mechanism of dispersion.
Not all Christians have in-depth knowledge of such explanations of rainbows, but we know they have a purpose.The purpose is God’s and He’s told us what it is: rainbows are a reminder of God’s promise to all creation in the days of Noah.
God had seen the evil of humanity, “that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time” (Gen 6:5).The story of Noah and the Flood records God undoing His creation - his good order is flooded with chaotic and deathly waters.
There was one man in all the world who was righteous - Noah. God chose to save Noah and his family, and through them to save the rest of created life.He brought them through the deathly waters to life on the other side. He then made this promise - a covenant:
“Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.” (Gen. 9:14–15)
Had you noticed the shape of a rainbow?Why is it a ‘bow’?Does it not remind you of an archer’s bow? And where is it pointed?
A friend of mine, Nathan Tasker, wrote a song called “Come See the Morning” that contains these lines:
Come see the battle bow, raised to the sky
No longer pointing towards you and I.
Every time you see a rainbow, be reminded that God’s loving mercy will not be overcome by human sinfulness and that he achieved this by Jesus’ death for our sin.
Look at those verses again.Did you notice that the rainbow is not placed as a reminder for us?  No. It is God’s reminder to Himself.Not that God would be likely to forget, but he has put a symbol of his remembering into nature.Even if our sinfulness has not changed, God will not undo creation with flooding like he once did.God WILL be faithful to His promises despite human rebellion against him!  I wonder if you remember other times in the Bible when God saved his people through water? When you see me, let me know.
Remembering is what we are well practiced at doing in November, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be tragic, if we remembered those who gave their lives for earthly kingdoms, but forgot the one who gave his life for a kingdom that is everlasting?
Having thought of that, I don’t remember many photographs that George sent back from his walk that indicated rainbows or rain.We are so thankful that he has returned safely and for his example of prayerfulness for us.You know, of course, that this was a more obvious version of what George, Brian and I do throughout the year.We constantly pray for all in our area to come and grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.Will you continue to join us in that work?
We continue praying for George as he continues his sabbatical, studying and planning for the next phase of his ministry, encouraging us who are Christians at St Nicholas’ to work together as faithful disciples of Jesus, and persuading those who are not Christians to change their minds.


Please pray for those who are coming on Wednesday nights to the Bible Language Café in our apartment.  D from Eritrea and A from India have shown a really keen interest in Mark’s Gospel.  It’s also been such a help and a blessing to be part of these studies as a family.

Tillsammans, our one to one discipleship programme, has recommenced and we thank God for opportunities that we both have to meet with others.  Please pray for continuing growth in these Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life.  Andrea continues to meet with A, who is a Muslim-background believer from Bosnia, and is also taking on a new weekly one to one with K. 

Trevor had a language exam recently and now plans to move to part-time study for the next course.  Trevor travelled to Stockholm on Tuesday 10th October to meet with Crosslinks Mission Partner Chris Strajnic and a local pastor, Joe Morell. 
23-25 October we had a visit from Crosslinks Mission Director Andy Lines and his wife Mandy.
Trevor, Andrea, Emily, Grace & Alice xx


                   Morning                  Evening
5th          Gillian Dalton            Steven Todd
12th        Rachel McVeigh        Glenn Nelson
19th        Johnnie McAlister      Julie Irvine
26th        Graeme Miles            Café church

Christian Burial

‘I am the Resurrection and the Life’
21st September 2017
Jane (Jean) Greer, 4 Crossgreen, Carrickfergus

23rd September 2017
Samantha Jane Jobling
11 Copperwood Avenue, Carrickfergus

14th October 2017
Vivienne Johnston, formerly of Irish Gate, Carrickfergus

Crosslinks Day Conference:

The Last Day and the last days

Saturday 27th January 2018, 9.15 am-3.30 pm
St Saviour’s Church, Dollingstown.

The 2018 day conference will explore the meaning and significance of Pentecost for mission today in the light of Peter’s exposition of Joel.

• What does it mean to engage in God’s mission in these ‘Last Days’?
• Who are to speak for God today?
• What is the message they are to proclaim?

Our Speaker: Rev Alan Purser is a bible teacher who specialises in expository preaching and the theology of mission. As an Anglican clergyman, Alan has served in a number of parishes in the UK and abroad and, most recently, spent 13 years working for Crosslinks. During this time he also travelled extensively in Europe and Africa. Alan retired in 2016 and, with his wife Anne, now lives in Buxton, Derbyshire where they are active members of Trinity Church.

Bookings online -

Shock at Small Group Bible Study!

I think all of us who attend the small group Bible Studies have been rocked by reading 2 Samuel 11 & 12 - the story of David and Bathsheba.  I know at least one person who had never come across the account before, and he was dumbfounded.Another person said, “I can’t believe that’s in the Bible!”.

If you haven’t read it recently, do so… but please read 1 Samuel 16:1-13, 1 Samuel 17, and 2 Samuel 7 first.Chapter 16 tells us that David is the one God has set His heart upon to be the king of His people.First Samuel chapter 17 shows that David is the King, who defeats the enemies of God’s people and that God’s people gain from the victory of God’s King.2 Samuel 7 contains God’s promise of a son and a dynasty that will last forever.These details make 2 Samuel 11 & 12 even more shocking.

Rather than defending his kingdom like a King should, David stays at home.He spots a beautiful woman having a ritual bath, establishes that she is married to one of his finest soldiers (who happens to be a foreigner), has her brought to him and he sleeps with her.There is no indication of consent.

Bathsheba becomes pregnant and so David starts a cover up plan.He invites the husband, Uriah, home from war to try and get him to sleep with his wife so it would look like it was Uriah’s child.  The heroic Uriah ruins David’s plan.He is so honourable that he would not sleep with his wife while his men at the front were denied that joy.David tries again, getting Uriah drunk this time, but even a drunk Uriah, the Hittite, was more honourable than God’s chosen king.

King David now conspires to kill Uriah. He commands his general to leave Uriah exposed in battle.The one who carries the message is Uriah himself.It works. The cover up is complete.David waits the appropriate time and takes Bathsheba to be his wife. It’s still conceivable that the child was conceived after Uriah’s death.It is as if David has taken God’s commandments, as if they were a ‘to do’ list: Coveting? Check!; Adultery? Check!; Murder? Check!...David would have got away with it too… except that God sees it and He is displeased.

By the work of Nathan the prophet, David proclaims a judgment of death on himself.His reign will no longer be one of rest but characterised by war. The chosen King David, the beloved one, who was given rest from his enemies, has now condemned God’s people to constant conflict.God’s King who was promised a son and a dynasty is himself spared, but the son of his adultery is lost to death.

This is indeed in the bible.It is awful, shocking and we learn much from it:

1. In the Bible God describes a world we recognise.It’s as dirty and real and unpleasant as the one we inhabit ourselves.A world in which adulteries, cover ups and murders happen.A world in which powerful people often get away with it.A world where the ‘heroes’ are as broken as we are.
2. The Bible tells us that no one in the world, no matter how powerful, will get away with it.God sees everything.
3. And that is terrifying - because David’s great sin was to disregard God’s word, and I have done that too… haven’t you?
4. And all my hope was in David, the messiah King of Israel, who wins victories for his people so that even non-Israelites can be close to God… and if he fails, I have no hope.

That leaves us with a problem.If David is no better than you or me, and we are no better than David, what hope is there for us?

The only hope is that God has made a promise and that he will keep it.A promise to David that even David’s sin will not prevent.  God will provide a son greater than David.He will do what David could not. He will do what I could not do. He will do it because God promised He will.

And so, for the sake of God’s promise, David is allowed to live.The son of his adultery died for David’s sin, but another son is born - Solomon.Solomon will fail too, and so will his sons… but God’s promise remains…
…until the birth of Great David’s greater son - Jesus.

Jesus always lived under God’s rule, yet he died. Why? Because by doing so, God keeps His promise.God mercifully held back his judgment on the world and poured that judgment out on the innocent Jesus who went willingly to the cross–God’s justice is satisfied.At the same time, God keeps his promise that God’s kingdom is mercifully filled with people from Israel and from all nations who trust in Jesus.This is what Paul writes about in Romans 3:21-26.

David’s sin is no different to ours - it comes from despising God’s word, but God’s promise will not allow our sin to win. His promises are all “yes” in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20).

Perhaps this will spark a hunger in you for reading God’s word with others in a small group.  If it has, please call the church office and ask to join one.


Our PrayerPoint schedule this autumn will follow a fortnightly pattern with a shorter Monday evening at the beginning of the month and a slightly longer time on a Tuesday night in the middle of the month. PrayerPoint evenings are your opportunity to join in prayer for the life and witness of
St Nicholas’ and the church of Jesus Christ around the world.
Come on one of the evenings or come to both;
Come for the whole evening or come for a short time;
Come and pray aloud or in silence;
But come - we’ll be delighted to see you!

St Nicholas’ Church
Monday 6th  November
7.00 pm - 7.45 pm
Tuesday 21st November
7.00 pm - 8.30 pm

St Nicholas’ Parish Church

Prayer Diary – November 2017

The monthly Prayer Dairy included in Parish News is designed to help us pray each day of the month for a different aspect of our parish life, our community and our nation.  It also includes prayers for situations, communities and individuals in other parts of the world.  Each Prayer Diary begins with a Prayer of the Month.  Keep it to hand and use as part of your daily devotions.

A suggested pattern for daily devotions:

1. Read a portion of Scripture.
2. Thank God for what you have learned from His Word.
3. Confess your sin.
4. Use the Lord’s Prayer.
5. Use the Prayer of the Month.
6. Pray for others and for yourself, including the topic of the day.

Prayer of the Month
Merciful Lord, you alone can order our unruly wills and affections. Teach us to love what you command and to desire what you promise, that, among the changes and chances of this world, our hearts may surely be fixed where true joys are to be found, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


1st November – Wednesday
Life Explored continues this evening.  Pray that those taking part in this short course would be challenged to think about their personal relationship with Christ.

2nd November – Thursday
Give thanks for those, who use their gift for language to translate the Bible and Bible Study Notes and for those who distribute God’s Word, sometimes at great personal risk, so that all peoples, by God’s grace, would be able to read His Word in his or her own language.

3rd November – Friday
Pray for Trevor and Andrea Watson and their family in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Remember Darren, Karen and Liam McCartney in the Canadian Arctic.

4th November – Saturday
Remember today those undergoing or contemplating training for Ministry.

5TH NOVEMBER – SUNDAY (4th Sunday before Advent)
Pray for today’s church services.  Pray for George, now in the final weeks of his Sabbatical, for Cameron and Brian.  Pray for our Sunday School and Bible Class.  Give thanks for the teaching we receive from God’s Word and our time together in conversation over refreshments each Sunday morning.

6th November – Monday
Pray for this evening’s PrayerPoint.  Pray too for our Small Groups and those who lead these Bible studies.  Remember also 1-2-1 Bible study partnerships and those studying God’s Word at home with the help of Bible Study Notes.

7th November – Tuesday
Our Select Vestry meets this evening.  Pray for the members of our Select Vestry, for wisdom in their management of our parish and that all decisions would be taken in accordance with God’s Will.

8th November – Wednesday
Pray for the sick, especially those in hospital.

9th November – Thursday
Pray for the members of the Craft Group meeting this morning.

10th November – Friday
Busy Bees meets this morning.  Pray for this outreach, giving thanks for the warm welcome offered to parents and toddlers and especially that offered to families from abroad who are new or recently arrived in Carrickfergus.

11th November – Saturday
Pray for today’s outing to Kildare and the opportunity to form friendships and perhaps share our faith with strangers.  P7 pupils sit this year’s transfer test on Saturdays throughout this month.  Pray for them and their families.

12TH NOVEMBER – SUNDAY (3rd Sunday before Advent)
Today, Remembrance Sunday, we reflect on the sacrifice of previous generations in wars and conflicts here and in other parts of the world.  Pray for those who bear the physical and mental scars of conflict; for our police and armed forces; for those living in war zones today or displaced by fighting; and for those striving for peace.  Pray for our 11.30am service with Act of Remembrance when we are joined by our Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scouts.

13th November – Monday
Pray for Senior Moments.  Pray for our Bowlers.

14th November – Tuesday
This month’s Women’s Fellowship meeting is a Craft Evening.  Pray for our Women’s Fellowship.

15th November – Wednesday
Give thanks once again for the invitations our clergy receive to visit local schools and speak at school assemblies.  Pray for this morning’s visit to Oakfield Primary and tomorrow’s visit to Carrickfergus Model Primary.

16th November – Thursday
Pray for persecuted Christians, remembering those in Nigeria, Kenya and the Maldives.  Pray for Open Doors.

17th November – Friday
This evening the ‘1Way’ youth event takes place in Carrickfergus Amphitheatre.  Pray for this event; for our Youth Fellowship and Abba Girls.

18th November – Saturday
St Nicholas’ is once again the venue for Carrickfergus’ Civic Carol Service.  Pray for all those who will be in church today.  Pray for our Walking Group.

19TH NOVEMBER – SUNDAY (2nd Sunday before Advent)
Pray for our church services today including this evening’s Holy Communion with Prayers for Healing.  Pray for those members of our church family who are no longer able to be in church but still join in our worship through the CD Ministry.  Give thanks for Glen and the team who record our Sunday worship and distribute CDs.  Give thanks for Alison and the Choir.

20th November – Monday
Today Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  Pray for them today, giving thanks for their long life of service together and for the gift of Christian Marriage.

21st November – Tuesday
Pray for this evening’s PrayerPoint.

22nd November – Wednesday
Bring to our Lord those who have been bereaved.

23rd November – Thursday
Pray for Catherine and the team preparing Parish News for distribution.

24th November – Friday
Pray for this morning’s visit to Victoria Primary School and for this evening’s meeting for Parish News distributors in church.

25th November – Saturday
Pray for Irish Church Ministries; its new Director David Martin and his family; for Mark Smith and his family at CityChurch, Dublin; for Colin Logue and Rev Canon Brian Courtney; and for Christian Evangelism throughout Ireland.

26TH NOVEMBER – SUNDAY (Sunday before Advent)
Pray for today’s family service, the Music Group and Cafe Church.

27th November – Monday
Pray for the continuing spread of the Gospel to all generations in Tabora.

28th November – Tuesday
The annual Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party takes place this evening hosted by our Girl Guides.  Pray for our Guides and all those attending this evening.

29th November – Wednesday
Pray for Carrickfergus Clergy Fellowship and all who minister in Carrickfergus.

30th November – Thursday
Give thanks for those parishioners who clean our church and church halls.

Flowers in Church november 2017

5th    The Milligan Family—In memory of Granny & Granda Dalton
12th    The Bankhead Family—In memory of Tom
19th    Derek Hanna & family—In memory of Liz
26th    The Cole Family—Birthday memory of Angela

New Flower List
The flower list for 2018 is now on display in the main porch. Please add your name at least six weeks in advance of your chosen date so that Catherine will have the details in time to put in the church magazine.

The flower group members are Christine Cahoon, Kaye Cheshire, Doris Close, Gillian Dalton, Dianne Innes and Marion Money. Gillian Dalton is the group treasurer. Please either leave your donation (suggested amount £30) with Catherine in the office or give it to Gillian in church at least a week prior to your chosen date. Your support for the flowers in church is greatly appreciated.

If you would be interested in joining the group, please contact any of the above members. New members will be made very welcome.           The Flower Group


Parents are reminded that Sunday 12th November is Remembrance Sunday.  Children and youngsters of P5 to P7, and Bible Classes are encouraged to attend the Remembrance Service in church with their parents.  Younger children may attend Sunday School as usual in the Halls.

Please note that the Remembrance Service and Sunday School are at 11.30 am.

Children’s Outreach Mission
On Sunday 15th October, children, from four local Good News Clubs in the Tabora area, met together in the afternoon for a prayer meeting.  Around 200 children attended.  This is hard for us to picture, not just the numbers, but also that it’s the children themselves who will be praying collectively.

Children are taught and encouraged to pray together from an early age.  At prayer time everyone prays out loud their own individual prayers.  No one is shy or reserved about this.  They pray enthusiastically and it can all sound a bit chaotic.  One cannot doubt their sincerity.  I’ve witnessed prayer time at individual Good News Clubs with between 30-50 children and their leaders.  So why are we so often hesitant and reluctant to pray out loud?

Earlier in September a number of children were taken on a Mission weekend to Kazima Children’s Home about 30 minutes drive from Tabora.  This is an orphanage, run by a couple from Ballymena, which I had the privilege of visiting.  John and Pauline Tuff belong to Ballymena Baptist Church and that Church supports this work as part of their Mission commitment.  They have the capacity for 14 children and the background stories of these children would break your heart. 

One of the more bearable stories was of one boy I met who had been found abandoned at Tabora railway station.  He was about three.  Just about all the children are mentally scarred in a complete lack of trust of adults.  That trust has to be rebuilt which takes weeks and sometimes months before actual progress can be made with a normal childhood and education.  Please pray for John and Pauline and the work of KAZIMA children’s home.

Bishop Elias has been away on what is described as a Missionary trip to America.  It is more accurately a fund raising and support trip which many African Bishops undertake regularly.  This is a necessity for them as raising financial support within their Dioceses is extremely limited.

With Bishop Elias being away, no further progress has been made regarding setting dates for the teaching and training seminar next Spring in Tabora.  That doesn’t mean that we should forget about it for a while.  It needs to be prayed about, now and until it happens.  And those of you who are thinking of joining me on this trip must be praying also.  Just think, you could visit Kazima orphanage yourself and hear an Ahoghill accent in the middle of Africa!  It would be music to your ears.
Lynn Rodgers, Sunday School Superintendent

Saint Nicholas Women’s Fellowship

This month we will be having a craft evening on Tuesday 14th November.  As numbers are limited for this event please give your name to Christine Cahoon as soon as possible if you would like to attend what should be a very enjoyable evening.
Valerie Leighton


Morag Stewart, our Guide Leader-in-Charge, sadly passed away in September following her battle with cancer.

Morag served Guiding throughout her adult life, both here in Carrickfergus and in her hometown of Peterhead, near Aberdeen.In recent years she became not only our Leader-in-Charge but also District Commissioner, maintaining oversight of all the Rainbow, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section units in Carrick.In addition to this she was part of the Ulster Training team.

Morag’s faith was an integral part of her life and she gave service to the Lord at Holy Trinity in Woodburn, by being involved in various parish activities such as Women’s Bible Study, Sunday School and Youth Club.

Morag’s death has not just impacted our Guide unit in St Nicholas’, but is felt throughout the whole Guiding community and her fellow parishioners.Please continue to remember our Guides in your prayers at this difficult time and also Morag’s family, particularly her youngest son, Joel, as he tries to adjust to a future without his mother’s guidance and presence.

The Guides and Senior Section will be arranging a fundraiser in 2018 for the Friends of the Cancer Centre in Morag’s name and for unit funds. Further details will be announced once finalized.

Thanks and regards


Please organise within your group as to who will bring milk and biscuits. If you cannot be present on the Sunday listed, please arrange for another volunteer to cover for you or phone Gillian Dalton (9336 5687 or 07801 389860). Many thanks for your support.

5th Alison Clarke Maureen Jackson Carol Campbell

12th Sally Campbell Tina Campbell Carol Anderson

19th Laura Horner Heather Parkes Colin Parkes

26th Gillian Dalton Kaye Cheshire Patricia Wilson

1Way - an evangelistic event for youth in Carrickfergus

On 17th November 2017 at the Carrickfergus Amphitheatre
St Nicholas’ is partnering in an event
that brings the message of the crucified Jesus to young people.
10 years ago Crown Jesus Ministries worked with churches in Carrickfergus to run an outreach event to the young people in our town. A number of people who have gone into Christian ministry from our area speak about the impact this event had on them and many others came to know Jesus Christ as their King.  This month we at St Nicholas, along with our partner churches, and even more, are working together again to sponsor and support a new event.
For four weeks afterwards, there is a programme of follow-up that will connect young people who have made decisions to become Jesus’ followers with local churches and get a firm foundation in Christian faith.
In God’s goodness, this will be a very significant event in the lives of many young people and also in the life of our churches. It is another indication of the unity of a number of congregations forged by the gospel. God, in His mercy, will work by His word taught clearly and effectively and we ask Him to draw many to saving faith in Jesus Christ.
And so please join in praying for the event.  Join with others and pray that:
the organisation continues to go well
good relations and cooperation with the local schools and youth organisations continue
the publicity and build up for the event, during lunchtimes, after-school, year events and assemblies are successful
there is a great attendance
the gospel is clearly preached
young people come to faith in Jesus Christ
our churches welcome, nurture and care for the faith of young people who come to trust in Jesus

Crèche Rota NOVEMber 2017

5th     Kathleen Arthur & Ciara Lester
12th     Christine Stewart, Valerie Leighton & Sophie Foreman
19th    Janice Nelson & Rachel McVeigh
26th     Ann Hodge & Alison Kane
The Crèche is in the Choir Vestry.  Children can be left there from 10.50 am each Sunday.   It would be appreciated if those who kindly staff the Crèche would be there in good time.  If you can't be present on a Sunday listed, please arrange for another of the volunteers to cover for you. Thank you for your co-operation.

Services in November 2017

5th    9 30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Holy Communion—A letter to Corinth:
            Growing & Building
            1 Corinthians 3 v 1-17        Karen Bell
            Mark 7 v 19-29            The Preacher
    6.30 pm    Evening Prayer & Café Church
            Zephaniah: The day of the Lord
            Zephaniah 1 v 14-18        Don Howe

12th    9 30 am    Holy Communion
    11.30 am    Remembrance Sunday
            Isaiah 2 v 1-5                Gordon Dalton
            John 15 v 9-17            Alan Miles
    6.30 pm    Service of the Word & Café Church
            Haggai: Setting Priorities
            Haggai 1 v 1-11            Daphne Murphy

19th    9 30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Morning Prayer—A letter to Corinth: No room
            for division!
            1 Corinthians 3 v 18—4 v 8        Colin Parkes
    6.30 pm    Holy Communion & Prayers for Healing
            & Café Church
            Zechariah: Return to the Lord
            Zechariah 1 v 1-7            Hilary Bishop

26th    9 30 am    Holy Communion
    11.00 am    Family Service
    6.30 pm    Café Church—Malachi: True & False religion
            Malachi 1 v 6-14      

Senior moments

Calling all over 50s (or nearly there!)
Members of St Nicholas’ Parish Church and others living in the area of Carrickfergus who describe themselves as 50 and over are cordially invited to join us in the Church Halls, Lancastrian Street on 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

What’s happening in November
13th November        A.G.M.
15th November        Supper Dance
27th November        To be confirmed
29th November        Luncheon Club

Calling all Crafters

2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month
10 am – 12 noon in the Minor Hall
For further details contact Janice Nelson on 028 9336 0415
Everyone welcome


Parishioners wishing to see clergy during the vestry hour on
Wednesday evenings are asked to ring the office on
028 9336 0061 to book an appointment. 
This is to avoid clergy waiting in the church hall unnecessarily.
Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


Organised by 4th Carrickfergus Girl Guides
St Nicholas Church Halls

Please come and celebrate the
Christmas Season with us on
Tuesday 28th November 2017 at 7 pm

To help with catering & transport please return the slip below to the Church office or phone the Office 028 9336 0061
by Wednesday 22nd November 2017

Everyone welcome to this free event

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I will be attending the Christmas Party

Name ___________________________________

Address _________________________________

Telephone _______________________________

I require transport YES/NO

Parish Walking Group

Saturday 18th November
Blackhead Path

Meet at 10 am at Blackhead car park
For further details contact Harry Kirk or Robin or Joan Gray

Sunday 12th November

Remembrance Sunday

The main morning service at
St Nicholas’ will begin at
11.30 am
to allow those, who wish to,
to attend the
Act of Remembrance
at the Cenotaph.

If any parishioner known to you is sick or in hospital,
please contact the church office or the clergy
so that they may be visited.  Thank you


Friday 17th November
7.30pm – 9.00pm
Meeting Room Upstairs in the Church Hall

All girls from P7 to secondary school age are very welcome
Craft, food, games and more



15th November 2017
7—10 pm in the Church Halls
Suggested donation: £5
Tickets available by speaking to either Joan Armstrong
or Catherine in the church office

St Nicholas Sketch