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February 2017

Yesterday 15 volunteers from different Churches, gave away 400 packets of Love Hearts to the people of Carrickfergus as part of our Valentine's Outreach. In the continuing demonstration of God's amazing love for all those in our town. During the afternoon some of the volunteers had spoken to other Christians from Larne & Bangor who were supportive of our efforts in Carrick. There were many other encouraging comments from the public.

Saturday 7th Jan

A very small Team did a Clear-up at Rodgers Quay on Saturday 7th Jan. During the 90 mins. we lifted 5 bags of litter & recyclables, as a small act of service from "The Church" in our town.


On Saturday 17th Dec. our Team of 20 volunteers handed out one thousand small gifts to shoppers, shop workers, dog walkers, families, people in the pubs, all manner of people, as our demonstration of God's love. We all had such a fun time as we chatted to the public! A very positive experience indeed. It was great to have some first timers with us on this Outreach, many thanks to Gemma Moore, Jonathan & Lucy Hanna.


  Sometimes when planning what is for us, a large Outreach with nine hundred gifts, at times you think “have we bitten off more than we can chew”. With sadly more small businesses closing down in the centre of our town, and the subsequent choice for shoppers in the town centre reduced, the knock on effect would expect to be less people! That was my immediate thought! One that I am glad to say was certainly not the case.
  Our continuing desire is to bless the shop and business owners, workers and the general public of our town of Carrickfergus by an encouraging small gift from the Churches at Easter. A time when “the Church” remembers the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and also celebrate His Resurrection! We love our town, God loves everyone in our town. We are God’s Church in this town, and are called to proclaim the Gospel by words and deeds.
  So on Easter Saturday, a group of twenty volunteers from the churches got together, and equipped with 900 Malteaster chocolate bunnies, we hit the streets! We served in an area from Mauds (Scotch Quarter) to Tesco’s, and the Train Station to Brewers Fayre, and all in between! Many people were very appreciative of our little gifts. The staff in Wetherspoons said that had been “expecting us” as we usually call in with them. A woman on reception in the Premier Inn said how fantastic it was that we keep coming back every Easter (at least our 4th time) and how much the staff enjoyed being thought of.
  Kate, one of our volunteers struck up a conversation with an elderly man that she had given a MaltEaster bunny too. He said how young people are so excited about getting a new Boyfriend/Girlfriend, but aren’t excited about Jesus dying for us! Kate said, it was really great to talk to someone with so much excitement for God and the Easter story.
  When all the teams had returned to the hall, we shared all our stories and experiences with each
other, which was so encouraging.
  When we have a new volunteer join us, we encourage them to tell us about how serving with us went? Here are Jessica’s thoughts. “Last Saturday morning I was lucky enough to be involved with a team of around 20 people from several churches around Carrickfergus, giving out 900 gifts of chocolate to show God's love. Many people were grateful and taken aback to receive the gifts and I really believe that we had a positive impact on some of those people! While there were a few who were not appreciative of the gifts, it made us even more determined to continue to spread God's love and deliver kindness to as many people as possible. Impacting even one person is proof of the good work and effectiveness of the projects. It was a fantastic and worthwhile experience and has encouraged me to continue on and get more involved with any projects they do in the future”!

St Nicholas Sketch