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Church Choir

Our church choir is made up of 20 singers from the age of 11 up to … well, who knows! We meet every Wednesday at 7.45 pm to rehearse for Sunday Services and special events in the church calendar. We try to learn new music whilst not forgetting some tried - and - true pieces from our repertoire. We arrange events each year around Christmas, Easter and Harvest to bring together choir members and parishioners for a social occasion. We have a dearth of male members (what's new in church choirs?) but are always thrilled to welcome new recruits, male or female. Our role in the life of St. Nicholas is to lead in the worship of our God and it is our endeavour to do this reverently and to the best of our ability.

Women's Fellowship incorporating The Mother's Union

The Women's Fellowship meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from September - May at 7.30 pm in the Church Hall. We have a varied and interesting programme covering topics relating to home and family life and also devotional topics. Our aim is to provide fellowship and Christian teaching for the ladies of our church.

We also have contacts with The Mother's Union which is a worldwide association for women of the Anglican Church and those ladies who wish to have membership of this organisation are catered for.

We extend an invitation to all ladies to come along to our meeting and assure you of a warm welcome.

4th carrickfergus scout group

Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell (1857-1941) was a decorated soldier, talented artist, actor and free-thinker. He severed during the Boar War and was instrumental in the  defence of the small South African township of Mafeking.

Baden-Powell had been thinking of developing a training programme for young people,and friends urged himnhim to re-write his handbook for soldiers (Aids to Scouting) for this younger audience.

In 1907 he held an experimental camp on Brownsea Island, to try out his ideas. A group of 20 boys, some from public schools and some from working class homes, were brought together under his leadership. The whole world now knows the results of that camp.

The 4th Carrickfergus Group was founded over seventy years ago and has gone from strength to strength. 

There are various sections within the Scout Group to cater for various ages as follows Beaver Scouts age 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 they meet Friday 6-30 to 7-45 

Cub Scouts age 7 to 10 they meet Friday 6-00 to 7-45 

Scouts age 10 to 14 they meet Friday 7-45 to 10-00 

Explorer Scouts age 14 to 16 they meet Friday 7-45 to 10-00 

The Scout Group is active from September to June Nothing stands still and Scouting is no exception so come along join us and be prepared to be surprised. Contact the Church office for details and phone numbers of the section leaders for the various age groups. 

4th Carrickfergus Rainbows, Brownies, Guides & Senior Section

In 1909 the first Boy Scout Rally was held at Crystal Palace.  A group of girls decided to go along to this event to ask Robert Baden-Powell to offer ‘something for girls too’.  In 1910 The Girl Guide Association was formed lead by Agnes Baden-Powell, Robert Baden-Powells sister.

Today, Girl guiding Uk is the Uk’s largest organisation for Girls and Young women with around half a million members.  It enables Girls to be themselves while making friends, learning new skills and having fun.

Rainbows  (Fridays 4.00 – 5.30pm)  Age 4 – 7 years old.  Rainbows have fun!  We play games, have parties and make things while developing life skills.

Brownies  (Fridays 4.00 – 5.30pm)  Age 7 – 10 years old.  Our Brownie meetings are full of challenges, games and activities.

Guides  (Tuesdays 7.00 – 9.00pm)  Age 10 – 14 years old.  Being a guide encourages Girls to develop by undertaking challenges and pushing the boundaries of their experiences.

Senior Section (Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.00pm) Age 14 – 25 years old.  Senior Section offers an exciting and flexible programme with a huge variety of challenges, activities and opportunities for personal development.

We have just celebrated the first 100 years of Guiding so why not come along and be a part of the next 100 years – you will be made most welcome.  For further details and phone numbers of the various section leaders please contact the church office.

St Nicholas Parish Church Bible Class & Sunday School

These are our aims:

  1. To communicate the true message of the Bible. To apply the Bible in today's world.
  2. To help young people learn about Jesus and what it means to follow Him.

These are our methods

  1. Group Discussions - To give young people the opportunity to discuss and discover for themselves all aspects of the Christian faith
  2. Teaching - Bible study to develop Christian morals and beliefs. 
  3. Guest Speakers - These include members of the clergy. Tear Fund and Christians in other fields. 
  4. Activities - To develop friendships through activities such as ice-skating and ten-pin bowling. 
  5. Videos - The use of Christian videos

Bible Class - meets at 10.30 a.m. in Church hall and is for young people of secondary school age.

Sunday School - younger children should come to the Morning Service with their parents and at an appropriate point, leave to attend Sunday School in the Church hall.

Afternoon Sunday School - The afternoon Sunday School meets between 2.30pm and 3.30pm each Sunday at Oakfield Community Centre.

It is attended by boys and girls aged from 3 years and upwards. The aim is to teach the children about God through Bible stories, sings, quizzes and games. Contact Rev J A McMaster, Rev Wez Coffey, Lynn Rodgers (Superintendent).

Every child will be made very welcome.


Our youth group is for anyone at secondary school or of that age.

You'll find more details here.

Parish Bible Study and Prayer Group

We meet each Thursday evening in the church hall from 7.30-9.15pm. After the opening devotions we study the Bible together until 8.45pm. Studies vary between Old and New Testaments but almost always we examine a Bible book or part of one. Occasionally we study the life of a character or a series of individual topics.Our studies consist of teaching, interaction and group discussion. The prayer time is for the last half-hour and is carried out in groups.

The purpose of this weekly meeting is to instruct people in the Word of God; help them learn ways to improve their personal Bible Study, pray for those in spiritual, physical and material need and to provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship in which people can grow in their knowledge of God, their likeness to Jesus and their equipping to serve God.

The Widows’ Group

The Widows’ Group takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the parish halls, new ladies are always very welcome.

Bowling Club

The Bowling Club meets every Monday evening at 7.30 pm in the parish halls.

Young Adults

Young Adults is a Bible study group for anyone who is out of school but not yet thirty. We meet at 8:15pm on term Mondays.

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