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Christianity Explored


Questions about Christianity


Christianity Explored

Maybe you think that God doesn't exist or that if he does exist, he doesn't care.

Maybe you think that Jesus was a nutcase or a pretty impressive magician with some interesting things to say. Maybe you have just given up on Christianity without even looking into it for yourself. Or maybe you've been interested for years and want to know just a bit more. Well, Christianity Explored is for everyone.

The Why

Christianity Explored is a 7-week programme for anyone asking questions like these and no question is too silly or irrelevant to ask if it matters to you. Whether you’ve never been before or have been going to church for years, Christianity Explored provides the opportunity to look more closely at these issues.

It has been designed to be totally relaxed, non-pressured and helpful. Many people have either given-up on or rejected Christianity without examining it for themselves. You will not be asked to pray or sing or sit an exam. You don’t even need to know anything about the Bible.

The When

We run the course fairly regularly.

Please email us if you're interested in coming next time we run it.

The What

Food: enjoy a meal with the rest of the group when you arrive so that you don’t have to rush home from work, college or wherever, eat dinner so quickly you get indigestion and rush out again. We provide the food, you just turn up!

Chat: after the food, the group watch a short talk on a video followed by discussion of what has been said. You’ll be under no pressure to say anything, pray or read the Bible.

Finish: by 9pm

The Where

At various times the course is run in the church halls or in people's homes.


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